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Afriski Precautions on COVID-19

Afriski Precautions on COVID-19

17 March 2020

Afriski Mountain Resort Takes Precautions on Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Afriski-Corona virus-Prevention

Please be advised that we are monitoring the unfolding situation closely and are taking extensive precautions in solidarity with the worldwide effort to stem the spread of the virus. This includes postponing the balance of our favourite summer events and implementing all of the hygiene and behavioural measures suggested by leading authorities at the resort. 


With our winter season almost 3 months away we are proceeding as planned to deliver your best African Snow holiday ever. Since day one we have taken your health seriously and continue to do so.  It is in the spirit of realising how co-dependent the world and everyone on it have become that we sincerely appeal to all of our winter guests to please bear with us as we embark on this unprecedented journey into the immediate future. 


This includes holding your existing bookings firm and continue planning for a mountain breakaway into nature after what could be a few long weeks ahead for all of us. We therefore ask for your patience, understanding and grace to assess the situation before entertaining requests for cancellation or amendments to bookings which we appreciate are foremost on everyone’s minds at this time. 


What we can do is assure all of our guests that we will be going out of our way to accommodate any change requests and shall be as reasonable as possible to ensure a win-win situation for all when the future once again comes into focus.  

The Afriski team has been monitoring the development of the Coronavirus closely and have been in constant communication with LTDC and government to ensure we have the most current and accurate information regarding day-to-day developments.

At this point, Lesotho’s Caledonspoort, Qacha’s Nek and Maseru border posts are open and operational, with the necessary checks being done at each. Borders which have been closed to allow for streamlined screening are:

  • Boesmansnek
  • Makhaleng Bridge
  • Mononstha Pass
  • Ongeluksnek
  • Pekabridge
  • Ramatsiliso
  • Sanipass
  • Sephaphus Gate
  • Tellebridge


We would prefer if you email our reservations team on with specific questions or concerns so that we are able to give individualised and relevant responses to you.  

We may be a little slower than usual in responding but please know that this matter is receiving our full attention. 




Afriski Resort Management