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Shepherd Christmas

Shepherd Christmas

12 January 2021

This year Afriski Mountain Resort paid tribute to the shepherd community in the surrounding area by hosting twenty-five shepherds for an early Christmas lunch held yesterday, the 23rd December 2020.

The event took place at Afriski Backpackers lodge which created a space for everyone to feel comfortable, to laugh and dance.

The day was unique, speeches were held and stories exchanged with the help of nte Masebane, Afriski HR Manager, acting as interpreter. The shepherds knew little about Christmas or why it has been celebrated for generations throughout the world, some thought it was so that they could have a bath once a year or to wear new clothes on the day.  Others were aware that it is the day Jesus was born, but what intrigued them all was that it was the shepherds who found baby Jesus in the stable.

Vivienne Schultz, Afriski General Manager gave an inspiring speech, she queried how it is that the Basotho people are such a peaceful and happy nation, to which nte Mareka, a mature shepherd, responded that these attributes have been inherited from the Founder of the Basotho people, Morena Moshoeshoe. Nte Mareka passes on great wisdom to the younger shepherds with regard to tourism and the benefit it brings to Lesotho.

A festive lunch of chicken, vegetables and dessert followed the speeches and the day ended with everyone learning the steps to the Jerusalema dance. Shepherds went home with goodie bags which included a t-shirt, warm socks, chips, soap and a printout photograph of themselves.