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Afriski establishes first Eagle Hub

Afriski establishes first Eagle Hub

20 May 2020

Afriski Mountain Resort establishes first Eagle Hub in Lesotho

No matter where you find yourself in the world, there are communities in need and organisations and individuals willing to make a difference. It’s seldom you’ll find a coordinated and integrated approach, that allows contributors to feed into the system at the right time, with the right skills set. Lesotho Rise is not only coordinated, it’s scientific in its adoption of Occupational Intelligence (OI) via the A2B Transformation principles, and involves role players from local business, government, donors, to tourists, in its goal to uplift, upskill and recalibrate communities in Lesotho.

Local Lesotho business Afriski Mountain Resort has invested over R500 000 in the establishment of the first Eagle Hub in Lesotho. The incubation centre teaches children and teenagers critical entrepreneurial skills via the JEEL and SEEL (Junior- and Senior Eagle Entrepreneurial Leadership) programmes. The centre adopts the HOOS (human optimisation operating system) universal change methodology. Tourists are welcome to visit the centre at Whistler camp at the entrance to Afriski Mountain Resort and take part in interactive activities.  



The Eagle Hub is registered as an NPO and is a collaboration with Afriski staff and Lesotho Rise on the company board. On the ground, Afriski staff are being multi-skilled and empowered to get involved in the Hub and take the project forward.

In addition to a formal qualification in “Responsive Leadership”, community members at the centre are engaged in a variety of skills development outputs, including sewing masks in response to the COVID-19 outbreak, sewing fitted sheets, making African Happy Pants clothing, baking produce for supply to local business, silkscreen print, and other art skills projects. 

With the establishment of the Eagle Hub at the resort, the aim, together with Lesotho Rise, is to launch satellite Eagle Hubs throughout Lesotho. The Hubs will be venues where the community can learn new skills or advance their existing talents, and “create the footprint which will enable the development of social tourism routes,” explains Vivienne Schultz, changemaker at A2B Transformation and General Manager at Afriski.

The village of Moteng in Lesotho has been earmarked to be forerunner in the establishment of the first satellite Eagle Hub. “The vision of the programme is to move people and communities to positions of dignity and self-reliance,” ends Schultz.