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Ice Swim

Ice Swim

Based on popular demand the International Ice Swimming Association (IISA) is once again returning to Afriski to host the annual ice swim. The event is scheduled to take place in mid-winter between 26 – 29 July 2021.



The Ice Swim includes 3 events: 1km freestyle swim, 500m solo freestyle or 1 mile solo event. Given the time of year there is likely to still be snow and ice to compete with so participants are encouraged to educate themselves on the dangers of hypothermia and cold water injuries.

  • Day One: Monday 26 July
    • 14:00 – Arrival and check in
  • Day Two: Tuesday 27 July
  • Day Three: Wednesday 28 July
  • Day Four: Thursday 29 July
  • Day Four: Friday 30 July
    • 10:00 – Check out time