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Discover Lesotho

Discover Lesotho


The Kingdom of Lesotho

Lesotho offers incredible natural beauty and scenic splendour, plus warm hospitality and fascinating history. It’s a wonderfully uplifting country – quite literally, in fact: you’ll often find yourself at altitudes in excess of 3 000m above sea level.

Within Lesotho’s border are approximately 2.5 million people, incredible mountains and some of the best winter and summer leisure opportunities available anywhere.
On your drive to Afriski, you will experience much of what makes Lesotho special. Basotho huts with roofs modelled after the shape of traditional Basotho hats and the recalcitrant livestock standing in the roads are two of the first clues that you’ve arrived somewhere new.

Even while you’re zipping down the slopes or flying along the trails, it’s hard to escape the feeling that things move more slowly in Lesotho. There’s a timeless quality to the rugged peaks and dramatic waterfalls. The Basotho people – often clad in blankets and gumboots – have an uncanny knack for appearing as if by magic, and so too do their smiles.

These will be some of the first things that strike you about Lesotho… and then there’s Afriski.

Whether you’re here in Lesotho and at Afriski in winter or summer, you’ll find that you’re on a natural high from the moment you arrive. It’s a feeling that will last long after you’ve descended the mountain passes and returned home.

The magic of Lesotho never leaves you – it’s one holiday destination that will never let you down.


Lesotho Tourism



The value of Lesotho’s natural resources lies not just in their beauty or the leisure opportunities they represent. The Kingdom is blessed with vast water resources thanks to the mountains’ role in capturing rainfall, which can then be used to generate hydroelectricity, provide irrigation for towns and villages and irrigation for agriculture. No wonder the Basotho people refer to the water stored in the mountains as their “white gold”.



Lesotho is defined – both physically and culturally – by its mountains. These include Thabana-Ntlenyana, the highest point in southern Africa. The Maluti Mountains – of which Afriski is part – form the spine of the country and offer superb views over what are known as the ‘Lowlands’ – although nowhere in Lesotho will you get that sinking feeling that comes with descending too far.

Snow can be expected in Lesotho from May to August, although this varies slightly from year to year. Whether blanketed in white, or flushed green with new summer growth, the Maluti Mountains form an arresting spectacle.

Please bear in mind that weather conditions in the mountains can change rapidly – it’s best to come prepared for four seasons in each day so that you can make the most of your time at altitude.



No matter the season, Lesotho always delivers unique experiences that you just can’t have anywhere else. Branch out from Afriski to discover engineering marvels, diamond mines, tumbling waterfalls and artisanal craft stalls.