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Afriski turns 20 this year and our investment of the past decades has turned this beautiful setting into an all-year, all-mountain paradise. Now, you can
own a piece of it.

The Resort’s hospitality services, snow operations and much of the accommodation are now consolidated under the banner of Jala Holdings Limited a Lesotho-domiciled public company, established in 2017. The name, “Jala” is all about nurturing, and it is not for nothing that the company’s by-line is “Grow with us, Grow with Lesotho”.

You, also, can grow with us.




There are few places in the world where you can own a part of a vibrant winter wonderland – complete with fantastic skiing, music festivals, and all the social and support necessities. Few also, where you can own a piece of magic, walking to a crystal trout stream, hiking at over
3,200m, or biking over kilometres of your own mountain trails. There is only one place where this all comes together.

Owning a mountain home has never been easier. It starts with a simple land lease, and you can then build your palace (with obvious sensitivity to our environment and architectural aesthetic) to use as your own or to incorporate in our rental pool as a solid cash cow.

Or take a perpetual holiday

by purchasing distinct accommodation in a specified Resort unit for 15 years. You pay no levies and have no maintenance hassles – just pure bliss in a premiere resort which is also exchangeable with both local and international RCI and DAE resorts and can be returned to
the rental pool.

Pure investment

is also on the cards, as a resort-like ours is forever needing capital for projects and partners to grow with. Opportunities exist for:

• Project-specific finance, offering superior returns in respect of loans for new infrastructure;
• Joint-ventures for larger capital projects which could have a linked-equity component; and
• In addition, there is a specific Covid-response offer which entails a linked parcel of
(heavily-discounted) equity and secured loan.