Lesotho Partners

LTDC - Lesotho Tourism and Development Corporation

The LTDC promotes Lesotho as a preferred adventure tourist destination through strategic marketing and sustainable product and industry development in partnership with the private sector and the community.

LTDC provides leadership in the development of a strong and vibrant tourism industry which contributes to sustainable economic growth, job creation, poverty alleviation, and protection of the natural and cultural environment through effective partnership with the private sector and the community in strategic marketing, research, product development, quality service delivery and human resource development.

“Promoting Responsible and Sustainable Economic Development through Tourism ”


LHHA - Lesotho Hotels and Hospitality Association

Real people, Real mountains, real Culture

Accommodation can be found in all the regions of Lesotho, some calmly situated on river banks, some on mountain sides, and some at the highest altitude in Southern Africa. A visitor to Lesotho can choose to stay in a bed and breakfast or hotel in a town or the capital, Maseru, or choose to be spoiled by nature and find chalet or self-catering accommodation deep in the highlands of Lesotho, totally surrounded by beautiful mountains and a peaceful environment.