Trail Running

We have great trails for running and the Soaring Eagle stage race trail run event has been hosted at Afriski numerous times. We have had athletes like Ryan Sandes and Ryno Griesel train at Afriski as acclimatization to the altitude just before they attempted the fastest crossing of the Drakensberg traverse which they beat the record by 18 hours!

“Afriski is a great venue if you are looking to do some high altitude training. It is surrounded by epic trails with no shortage of high altitude vertical meters and some breathtaking views. There is also a nice variety of 4x4 and open dirt roads giving you some variety in your training if need be. The food is great, the accommodation is super comfortable and the staff are super helpful and friendly making you feel right at home.” (Ryan Sandes – South Africa and probably world’s best trail runner.)

“Training at Afriski allows you to sleep high and train time efficiently since you are right there on top of the world. The luxury accommodation makes up for the extra effort you tax to your body and the skilled sporting staff are at hand advising how to make the most of your time at altitude. This makes the venue a brilliant all in one training destination for the athlete that wants to take their training to new heights.”
(Ryno Griesel - current world record holder of fastest Grand Drakensberg Traverse.)

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