Facilitated Training Camps

Preparing for the Epic? Sani to C?
Have you got the edge you need….?
Come get used to High Altitude…..!!
Come get used to the brand new ultimate training destination for mountainbiking and trail running in Southern Africa…!!

A training camp at high altitude is the perfect way to get maximum benefit from training at high altitude and is the most perfect preparation you can do for any stage race event whether mountainbiking, trail running, obstacle reace or crossfit competition. As the demands of the races and events become increasingly harder on you, you need that extra little edge to get the results you are looking for.

There is no better place anywhere in Southern Africa where you can get the benefit and exposure than at Afriski.
On a camp you will get training exposure to your relevant sport, optimal fuelling and nutritional advice great technical coaching and guidance, time to learn from fellow athletes and time away from the busy life where you can experience what it is being a pro and to train, eat and sleep.
This will be totally worth spending time and money on and will pay you dividends in the results you will be getting after the camp.

You will get:

  • Physical preparation at altitude for a week leading up to race day.
  • Intro to Short Crossfit and functional movement training sessions developing your athletic potential most optimally.
  • Optimal Nutritional coaching on how to best build the quality of your blood and fuelling your body optimally for racing and perfect health.
  • What the necessary products are to be taken to achieve ultimate health.
  • Mental barrier shifting – overcoming the mountains and high altitude – getting in race mode.
  • Massive value added and ready physically and mentally for an awesome race on the weekend!

Jaco Ferreira, a personal trainer, lifestyle coach, nutrition coach and Crossfit Level 1 Coach presents numerous training camps at Afriski.
Come take part in an acclimatizing training camp, perfect preparation for your body to get you in the right physical and mental state for racing.

Jaco adds massive value to you as an athlete by utilizing Crossfit methodology in training applying it to endurance sports so you can optimize your training and become a better athlete and thereby increasing performance in whatever discipline of endurance sport. He also provides nutritional coaching specifically for sport, fuelling your body with the most optimal foods that will improve recovery and maximize performance with a very strong emphasis on the most natural and healthy way of accomplishing this.

Afriski has something to offer which you won’t find anywhere in South Africa, escaping from the world to the high mountains of Lesotho will definitely be an experience you won’t forget soon, and will only add massive value to you as athlete and person with awesome physical and mental benefits.

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