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We are a high altitude training facility located in the mountains of Lesotho at the Mahlasela pass.

This is the highest place that anyone can train and stay in Southern Africa with the Afriski resort lying at 3050m above sea level, and the trails for training gets up to 3222m above sea level.

We make use of the accommodation and facilites at the Afriski ski resort and have a range of sports that we cater for to get the benefit of high altitude training.

We are the summer sport division of the Afriski ski resort which operates in the winter time middle of May until middle of September as a ski resort.

We are operating in the summer months of the Southern hemisphere which is from middle of September until the middle of May the every year.

High Altitude training has been proved with numerous scientific studies to be beneficial to endurance athletes. If you are a runner or cyclist doing any important race in the near future, the best way of getting an advantage is to spend some time at high altitude. This will increase your red blood cells and the oxygen carrying Hemoglobin on your red blood cells to increase your endurance/performance.

Whether it be to improve your cycling or running performance, or as a Crossfitter pushing your body to limits seeking for that extra benefit to increase performance, seeking to gain those seconds that elude you in competition, this is definitely a place to be training at.

Afriski at 3000m is the perfect venue to do this type of training with numerous routes to run or cycle and stay comfortable after your hard day's training in your chalets or room. Afriski has the highest restaurant in Southern Africa and you can be sure to eat well.

A high altitude training camp consist of staying at Afriski and attending the training sessions that will be presented and the talk/discussion sessions, where you can just escape the busy city life going up into the mountains, forgetting the world and enjoy the world of being a “pro” where you can eat, sleep and train and repeat!

You will be challenged physically and mentally, and will go back down guaranteed a stronger person. Lesotho has something to offer which you won’t find anywhere in South Africa, escaping from the world to the high mountains of Lesotho will definitely be an experience you won’t forget soon, and will only add massive value to you as athlete and person with awesome physical and mental benefits. Come train at the Ultimate Altitude for an experience of your life!

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