Pudi Snow Park

Hey Kids! Come exploring with us and have some fun adventures with Pudi, the cool mountain goat.

There is loads of fun, games and entertainment for children at AfriSki.
In Pudi Ski School both kids and youths discover fun and snow adventure under the supervision of dedicated staff. Special children ski classes are given in the Kids Ski Park for both beginners and more advanced young skiers.

We offer a full range of children’s activities, to make sure they enjoy themselves at least as much as you do. Your kids will be introduced to the most amazing (and only) skiing goat in the world, Pudi. And you will be introduced to our Pudi Club entertainers, who will make sure that your children have the best time at our resort, while you tackle the slopes.

We offer Pudi Club Entertainment to children from age 3 to 7, and 8 to 12.
Please note that we do charge a Pudi Entertainment fee of R300 per child per day, and activities are available from 09h00 until 22h00.
We also have Pudi Ski Lessons, which are available to children from ages 3 to 14. Please enquire at the Ski School.

Click on our classification charts to check your ability level.

Lessons graded to colours matching slope colour

Green - Learning Section
Blue - Beginner Slope
Red - Intermediate Slope
Black - Main Slope
Prices subject to change without notice
Pudi's Story

Pudi always lived in the Mountains. In winter, Pudi played in the snow and had lots of fun, but Pudi wanted more. He dreamed about a new snow adventure night and day, but he just couldn’t make it happen.

One day, when Pudi was busy trying to roll himself down the hill in a snowball, a mystical shepherd appeared, and told Pudi about a magical place where people race down the snowy slopes with planks on their feet. Pudi knew that this was the adventure he’d been looking for, so he set off to find the place they called “Afriski”.

What he found was better than he imagined. Pudi felt right at home with his skis, and within hours he was carving down the slopes. It was then that he spotted the most beautiful goat in the world… Trudi. But when he tried to talk to her, he was overwhelmed with shyness, and ran away before he got the chance.

That night, Pudi was woken by a terrifying scream. As it turns out, he was not the only one to be caught by Trudi’s beauty. The evil mountain gorilla had seen Trudi on her snowboard, and kidnapped her in the middle of the night. Pudi knew he had to save her, so he tracked the gorilla back to his lair. But the gorilla had set a traps on the slope that led down to his cave. Pudi put his thinking cap on, and came up with a plan. The best way to get past the traps was to ski in between them. So he strapped on his boots, and did something that no goat had ever done – he did 30 short turns in 10 metres, successfully skiing around the booby traps.

When he got down to the cave, he loaded up his arms with snowballs, and starting throwing them at the gorilla as soon as he saw him. One snowball hit the gorilla right between the eyes, and he fell over, knocked unconscious, and Pudi had saved Trudi.

When Trudi saw how brave Pudi was, she fell in love with him. They were married, and have been living happily at Afriski, with their little one, Mini, ever since.