Access to any of the ski slopes, whether you are a first timer or advanced skier, requires a Snow Pass which allows usage of all of the ski lifts as well as the ski slopes. Snow passes are available from as little as a ½ day all the way to a season pass.

Your Snow Pass may be booked together with your ski holiday via our Central Reservations office or online via the Hoofkantoor online booking facility. Alternatively your Snow Pass may also be purchased directly at the resort. Please consult one of our booking agents to enquire about our fully inclusive ski packages.

Please note that we do not give cash refunds. Snow Passes + Rented Equipment will only be refunded in the event of an accident during a ski lesson, provided the request is accompanied by a medical certificate issued by our in house medics. High winds or mechanical failure may from time to time affect the operation of our lifts but do not qualify for refunds since our team will make every effort to provide alternative lift facilities.

Please note: The T-Bar Ski Lift cannot operate at WIND SPEEDS higher than 45km/h. Persons entering the premises of the Ski and Mountain Resort, or using any equipment or facilities do so entirely at their own risk.